Though there are numerous accounts of large, hairy man-creatures from every part of the United States - and, for that matter, from every continent on Earth - the name Bigfoot was popularized in 1958 in response to a rash of large footprints that appeared in the forest around the Bluff Creek wilderness area, near the town of Willow Creek in northern California.  Then in 1967, when Roger Patterson shot a 16mm movie of a Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, Willow Creek cemented its claim to fame as the Bigfoot capital of the world by erecting the first - and most famous - Bigfoot statue.  The artist called the statue "Oh Mah", which is the Hoopa Indian name for the "Sasquatch" creature that had been reported for many generations in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.  Willow Creek responded to the notoriety of the Bigfoot footage by starting an annual "Bigfoot Days" festival.  Over the years, more statues sprung up in town and several local businesses also jumped on the Bigfoot bandwagon.  The fictional town of Big Bluff in "Bigfoot Meets the Martians!" is a tribute to both Bluff Creek and Willow Creek.


"The Real Bigfootville"