The Film features a small ensemble and a mob of cameos

WILL – A Handsome Forest Ranger
WALLY – A Hulking Garage Mechanic
DAVE – Wally’s Teenage Garage Assistant
BEN - A Middle-Aged Hardware Store Owner
THE DRUNK – A Middle-Aged Lost Soul
MARLENE – An Attractive Woman Will’s Age
VICTOR – A Middle-Aged Native-American Man
THE CHIEF – Victor’s Elderly Native-American Father
BIGFOOT – A Large, Hairy Humanoid Creature
HARRY – Marlene’s UFO-Obsessed Father
GEORGE – A New Age Girls’ Camp Owner
BAMBI – George’s Significant Other
ANDY – A Volunteer Fire Department Chief
ROMEO – Ben’s Teenage Son
JULIET – A Teenage Girls’ Camp Attendee
EILEEN – Ben’s Wife and Romeo’s Mother
MIB #1 – A Mysterious Out-Of-Towner
MIB #2 – A Second Mysterious Out-Of-Towner
JUNIOR – Andy’s Son and Fire Department Deputy
NIGEL – A Gangly British Bigfoot Hunter
JENNY – Eileen’s Friend, Andy’s Wife, Junior’s Mom
COUNSELOR #1 – An Athletic Young Woman
COUNSELOR #2 – A Second Athletic Young Woman
LORI – A Teenage Girl Camper & Juliet’s Cabin-Mate
ANNIE – Lori and Juliet’s Other Teenage Cabin-Mate
BALD MAN – A Townsperson
GRAY-HAIRED LADY – Another Townsperson
HISPANIC MAN – Yet Another Townsperson
PREGNANT WIFE – The Hispanic Man’s Better Half
SCOUTMASTER – An Out-Of-Towner
BOYSCOUT #1 – A Young Eager Beaver
BOYSCOUT #2 – Another Young Eager Beaver
BOND – A U.S. Senator
AIDE – Bond’s Loyal Assistant
PILOT – An Able Helicopter Operator
BOB – A Proud Winnebago Owner
BETTY – Bob’s Wife
LIL BOB – Bob and Betty’s Son
TOM – A State Highway Patrolman
JERRY – Tom’s Highway Patrolman Partner
CNN REPORTER – A Cable News Guy
CNN CAMERAMAN – His Videographer Partner
MSNBC REPORTER – Another Cable News Guy
MSNBC CAMERAMAN – His Videographer Partner
FOX REPORTER – A Cable News Woman
FOX CAMERAMAN – Her Videographer Partner
THE CAPTAIN – An Out-Of-This-World Alien Guy
THE MARTIANS – Two More Out-Of-This-World Guys
BEAUTIFUL WOMAN – A Child of Destiny