A Madcap Metaphysical Speed-Of-Light Comedy!

The residents of a little town, hit hard by the Great Recession,

hatch a desperate scheme to fake Sasquatch for publicity,

and then panic when a UFO goes down in their midst.

The film, a breakneck ensemble romp, will be shot in and around Louisville, Kentucky in 2019.   In order to economically realize the movie's complicated clockwork structure, a detailed 90-minute animatic has been pre-edited to conform to an original musical score.  The resulting live-action film uses the elements of classic farce as a metaphor for reality, and explores how different people react when encountering unexplained phenomena that they don't believe in.

A forest ranger arrives in a near-deserted wooded hamlet, bearing the news that a U.S. Senator will be passing through for a brief photo-op   the next day to dedicate a nearby cave as a national monument.  The townspeople, in financial dire straits ever since a decades-long series
 of local Sasquatch sightings (and the tourism they attracted) came to an end, decide to try to save what's left of the town by disguising a local man in a Bigfoot costume and having him crash the televised event. 

 Meanwhile, the ranger falls hard for a local woman, then is shocked when he sees a flying saucer get hit by lightning and go down in the woods.  But nobody except the town UFO-nut believes him - until the phones and cars all go dead, the local girl he's fallen in love with goes  missing, and the alien craft he saw somehow turns up inside the cave. 

Then, when a group of teenagers in town uncover both the plot to fake Bigfoot and the flying saucer in the cave, a wild chain of events is set into motion that sucks in dozens of people, including the occupants of the UFO and the real Bigfoot.  With the Senator and his television news crews drawing ever closer, the resulting hysterical machinations snowball out of control until they threaten to change the entire world.

Treatment & Screenplay 
​This 6-page treatment details the entire interlocking plot - but not

as humorously as the 92-page screenplay (available on request).